Spare Parts

ESWL Spare Parts – Inceler Medical Produce ESWL spare and consumable parts for a wide range of Lithotripsy brands and products . We produce ESWL Electrodes, water cushions, generator parts(spark gap, capasitors and power packs) that can support a large collection of different ESWL models. We also have a broad service network which we can provide spare parts and technical service for ESWL devices in many countries.

Pneumatic Lithotripter Spare Parts – The probes and handpiece of Lithobox is designed for long lasting efficient usage. Handpiece and probes supports all brands of Intracorporeal / endoscopic pneumatic lithotripters. The probes are manufactured in sizes suitable for URS, PCNL-PNL operations. Inceler Medical's own product Lithobox and its spare parts are ergonomically designed to carry out fast and effective surgeries.

ESWT Spare Parts – ESWT Handpiece and ESWT Transmitters produce steady shock waves for convenient applications. Both handpiece and transmitters undergo high performance usages. The ergonomically designed lightweight handpiece utilizes a wide range of transmitters which can be used in a variety of treatments like Plantar Fasciitis (heel spurs), Achilles Tendonitis Tennis Elbow, Shoulder Tendonitis, Cellulite, Patella Type Syndrome etc... Inceler Medical has also developed Modus Soft Transmiters to treat sensitive areas.

Water Cushion

Single Use Electrode (Type-1)

Single Use Electrode - Adjustable (Type-1)

Single Use Electrode - Adjustable (Type-2)

Pneumatic Handpiece (Type 1)

Single Use Electrode (Type-2)

Single Use Electrode (Type-3)

Long Life Electrodes (Type-1)

Long Life Electrodes (Type-2)

Pneumatic Handpiece (Type 2)

Electrode Gripper

Electrode Housing

ESWL Electrode Bedding

Ultrasonic Combination Prob

Silicone Grease

Quick Coupling

Spark Gap

Mechanical Spark Gap

Pneumatic Lithotripter Prob

High Voltage Capacitor

Power Pack

Power Resistance

X-Ray Monoblok

Image Intensifier

Reflector (Type-1)

ESWT Handpiece

Reflector (Type-2)

ESWT Applicators