Lithobox offers more than what you expect from a pneumatic lithotripter. Lithobox provides fast, effective and safe results. There are different probe options according to the area used in kidney stone crushing surgeries.

  • Effective and successful area of use
  • Easy and comfortable usage
  • Superior quality and economic price
  • 5 times stronger and closed circuit-lockable handpiece
  • 5 different probe options

“Handpiece and probes are suitable for all kind of liquid and gas sterilization procedures.”

Special suction apparatus for Lithobox

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery (PNL)

Bladder Stones Treatment

Uretero-Renoscopy (URS) Application

Lithobox Pneumatic Lithotripter

Lithobox Pneumatic Lithotripsy System works with the principle of transmitting the kinetic energy created on a titanium bullet to a stainless titanium probe and then through to with pneumatic/ballistic system.

Pneumatic Lithotripter Handpiece Water Proof Test in Water

Since the handpiece has a closed-circuit working principle and does not absorb water, it has a lifespan 5 times longer than ordinary Pneumatic Handpieces.

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