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LITHOBOX ZERO Ultrasonic Pneumatic Combination Lithotripter

LITHOBOX ZERO is a Combined Intracorperal Ultrasonic Pneumatic Kidney Stone Crushing System. This design provides a special advantage with clinical data. It is based on the principle of sucking back with stone fragmentation and aspiration.

Lithobox ZERO is designed for combined use. The system fragments the stone ultrasonically and at the same time it makes the operation much easier and faster by means of pneumatic probes.

The ultrasonic and pneumatic handpieces of the LITHOBOX ZERO Ultrasonic Pneumatic Combination Lithotripter are fully compatible with EMS Devices.

Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 50 W
Fuses 2x1A, 230 VAC
Frequency 1-15 Hz
Power 1-10 Bar
Dimension (H-W-D) 140mm x 390mm x 420mm
Weight 12 kg
Memory 3-user defined
Pneumatic Probes 6 Units
Ultrasonic Probes 4 Units
Handpieces 2 Units(1 Unit Pneumatic + 1 Unit Ultrasonic)
Warranty 24 Months

Lithobox ® Zero

Lithobox ® Zero Lithobox ® Zero