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Modus Cellulite AWT therapy provides the activation of acoustic sound waves produced by a device specially designed for this process on the subcutaneous fat tissue, connective tissue, circulatory system, muscles and tissue that regulates metabolic activity in the body.

Advantages of this system; It provides a faster tissue healing by increasing vascularization, collagen synthesis and oxygenation in the tissue in the application area, developing less adhesiveness and providing a mechanically stronger tissue. The efficiency provided by the system has been confirmed by various scientific studies.

Modus Cellulite AWT is successfully used in beauty and aesthetic applications such as cellulite, recovery after liposuction, removal of stretch marks after pregnancy, spider web type varicose veins, tightening therapies in aesthetic clinics.

Effectiveness Of Shock Wave Therapy

“As shock waves pass through different tissues, some of their energy is transmitted to the tissue and some is reflected. Micro-level changes are seen according to the physical properties of the tissue.” (Sems, Dimeff & Ianotti JP., 2006).

With shock wave therapy, the therapeutic result is easily achieved by transmitting more energy to the tissue.


  • It is the most powerful Radial Shockwave Therapy device on the market. It provides impulses up to 22 Hz and 5 bar.
  • Lightweight, portable (10 kg) you can treat anytime, anywhere.
  • The parameters set during the treatment can be easily seen on the device screen and changes can be made during the treatment.
  • It offers visual, written and video narrative information with ready-made treatment programs. (Indications and Pathological Applications Guide)
  • Modus ESWT unit with built-in compressor is portable with its original stand. It can be easily moved by detaching from its stand when desired.

Coloured Touchscreen
technology provides
easy usage.

3 Different Modes For Treatment


With AUTO mode, you can set automatic frequency and power. Modus ESWT automatically adjusts the necessary parameters for the treatment you choose from the Disorders Tab.


Modus ESWT starts the treatment at low power and automatically switches to the determined values after 500 pulses with this mode. Thus, it becomes easier for the patient to adapt to the treatment.


This mode provides alternative frequency option and recommended for myofascial pain syndrome or muscular approaches. With this tolerance, some mechanical stimuli that prevent patients from developing tolerance shall be prevented.

The net effect of the Modus ESWT® Radial Handpiece transmitting to the tissue is 5 bars.

Increase your application efficiency with Modus Handpieces.

  • Easy adjustment of parameters during treatment with touch screen.
  • Suspension system to reduce recoil impact during the treatment.
  • Different applicators according to treatment options.
  • Software system that records the number of uses and pulses delivered.
  • Easy maintenance feature and easy revision kit replacement
  • Ergonomic design feature that is lightweight and does not tire your hand

Modus ESWT®
Handpiece Revision Kits
have a minimum 3,000,000
shock capacity.

Modus Applicators

  • Modus ESWT has a wide range of applicators suitable for every treatment.
  • System applicators transmit pulses of maximum 22 Hz to the body through the handpiece and provide a penetration depth of up to 125 mm in the tissue that it contacts.

Features of Modus Soft Applicator

  • Making a difference with its unique technology, Modus ESWT is the only device in the world with a soft applicator.
  • With the soft applicator, ease of use is provided even in the most painful and sensitive areas.

There are sample application videos in Modus ESWT® Radial treatment protocols. These videos provide you convenience and effectiveness in the application.

Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy

Modus Cellulite AWT is designed for beauty and aesthetic centers with the aim of using shock waves at maximum efficiency and with a wide range of usage.

Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy

Cellulite occurs when the connective tissue under the skin loses its elasticity and the skin is pulled inward by the subcutaneous fat tissues, resulting in an orange peel appearance on the skin surface.

Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy


Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy


Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy


Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy
Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy
Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy
Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy
Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy
Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy
Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy
Modus Cellulite AWT® Radial Shockwave Therapy


  • I have been using your Modus ESWT device for 3 years. It is truly the best device in its class. I am very pleased.
    Dr. Mustafa Yakar

  • It is the most comfortable device among the ESWT devices I use. The fact that the device has the most appropriate frequency and pressure setting for every disease programmed, the device menu is simple and understandable, and the touch screen allows me to use the device more comfortably. I would like to thank İnceler Medikal for providing this convenience.
    Physiotherapist Ali Murat ŞİMŞEK

  • We are generally satisfied with the ESWT device. A useful and practical device.
    Ft. Doğan Tevfik Demirhan

  • We are very satisfied with the Modus ESWT device. Applicator, device air pressure, patient satisfaction and after-sales technical service are very good. After the problems are reported to the technical department, they are immediately dealt with and resolved as soon as possible.
    Ft. Mustafa Koçak

  • We are very satisfied with the ESWT device. We always get positive feedback from patients. Nothing bad has happened so far. We thank you and recommend it to the responsible people around us.
    Physiotherapy Technician Ahmet KURTUL

  • We have been using Modus ESWT regularly in our clinic for 18 months and we are satisfied with our results. We did not encounter any problems with the device.
    Dr. Hussein Abu Yassin

  • We use Modus ESWT in our clinic in physiotherapy and aesthetic therapy and we are sure of its quality. We recommend you choose Modus ESWT.
    Dr. Adnan Mutar

  • From the first contact with the company to receiving the product, we made sure of the quality of the device. İnceler Medikal team always provides us good, fast and reliable support.
    Dr. Kristian Karam

  • The structure of the compressor that ensures the portability of Modus ESWT and its soft applicator, which is not available in other brands, is the reason why we bought the device.
    Dr. Luca Francis

  • I researched the market; Modus ESWT has a very affordable price performance among well-known brands. In addition, the Revision Kit with a 3 Million shot guarantee is also reasonably priced.
    Dr. Harshal Kumar

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