After Sales Service / Service

Our company is based in Turkey and operates around the world through its distributors. Inceler Medical provides accessible quality services to hospitals and clinics that benefit from after-sales services. Our expert staff can be contacted 24/7 by standing by this promise of our company. Our production motto is to try to raise the product and service bar by closely following the technologies of our age. We offer products certified with Kiwa accreditation of Dutch origin with multidisciplinary working system. (ISO 13485, CE 1984). We focus on solving the problems that may occur after sales as soon as possible in order to continue to use our products with maximum efficiency. We continuously support users with the necessary technical and clinical documents. As in all areas of life, we raise our standards without compromising ethical values in our field. With the Quality Management System Certificate (ISO: International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008), the management, dispatch, and administration system is carried out in accordance with internationally accepted standards.