Modus ESWT handle
can be made compatible
with all brands!

ESWT Spare Parts – ESWT Handpiece and ESWT Applicators (ESWT Transmitter) provide the advantage of application with extremely effective and stable shock wave rhythms.

Handpieces and Applicators of Modus ESWT Shock wave therapy device has high performance working capacity.

Light, effective and ergonomic ESWT Handpiece system in shock wave therapy also provides full contact of shock waves and tissue with its wide applicator range and provides easy and short-term treatment in many diseases such as Enzymatic Lipolysis, Post-Liposuction applications, Plantar fasciitis, Tennis and golfer's elbow, Achilles’ tendon, Patellar type syndrome, Triger Point, Cellulite, Skin, and connective tissue tightening.

Modus ESWT Soft Applicators are produced for sensitive application areas and offer wide application and treatment possibilities.