Lithobox's probes and handle
are designed for long-lasting
and efficient use.

Pneumatic Lithotripter Spare Parts – Lithobox Pneumatic Lithotripter's hand piece and probes are designed for long-lasting and effective use. The hand piece and probes are compatible with all Pneumatic Lithotripter devices used in intracorporeal kidney stone breaking (ICNL – ISWL). Lithotripter Probes are produced in sizes suitable for URS (ureterorenoscopy), PCNL - PNL (percutaneous nephrolithotomy), Bladder and Kidney Stone surgeries. Lithobox Pneumatic Lithotripter kidney stone breaking device and spare parts (Pneumatic Head - Pneumatic Probe) manufactured by Inceler Medical provide easier and faster operations with its ergonomic design and effective kidney stone breaking power. Pneumatic Lithotriptor spare parts are compatible with all endoscopy systems.