It's a non-invasive procedure for the teratment of musculoscetal system diseases of horses and small animals.

Shock wave therapy is applied to horses and small animals as applied to humans.

Shock waves show antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects in the body. It also improves vascular, bone and connective tissue.

Modus VET. Shock Wave Therapy is used to eliminate disorders in horses such as joints, tendinopathy, throat muscles, ligament injuries and deep heel pains.

Features of the Focused Product

  • Modus Focused ESWT provides impulses up to 4 Hz and 0.25mJ.
  • Head options are offered for providing shock wave transmission up to a penetration depth of 0 - 80 millimeters.
  • Portable, useful anywhere and anytime.
  • It offers visual, written and video narration information with ready-made treatment programs. (Indications and Pathological application guide)
  • It provides archive support to the user with the patient registration and follow-up menu.
  • The ability to change Frequency and Power settings during treatment provides ease of use.
  • The adjusted parameters during the treatment can be easily viewed from the device screen and changes can be made.
  • The generator and the handpiece unit are maintenance-free.

Coloured Touchscreen
technology provides
easy use.

Features 2 Modes for Patient Treatment



Modus ESWT Focused Device provides you ease of use with its feature of changing FREQUENCY and POWER settings during patient treatment. With this feature, you can adjust the power and frequency of the device according to the patient.

Modus Focused Handpiece Features

  • Full energy transmission to the selected anatomical region;
  • Easy and fast use that does not tire the hand;
  • Easy mobility;
  • Maintenance-free handpiece;
  • Head options with easy replacement according to use

Effectiveness Of Shock Wave Therapy

“As shock waves pass through different tissues, some of their energy is transmitted to the tissue and some is reflected. Micro-level changes are seen according to the physical properties of the tissue.” (Sems, Dimeff & Ianotti JP., 2006).

With shock wave therapy, the therapeutic result is easily achieved by transmitting more energy to the tissue.


Wider focal zone
Higher maximum energy
Faster treatment times
Less treatments required
Easier to use effectively


As it can be seen in the figure, Modus Focused ESWT has an electrohydraulic working principle.

According to the researches, electrohydraulic shock waves have high energy. For this reason, its pain-reducing effect is high and it takes effect in 1 session (Ogden JA, Alvarez RG, Marlow M. Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Proximal Plantar Fasciitis: A Meta-Analysis. Foot & Ankle International. 2002;23(4):301-308. doi:10.1177/107110070202300402).

Electromagnetic and piezo systems, on the other hand, work with less energy and therefore need to be supported with more than one treatment method.

  • Guarantee effective shock wave treatment
  • Aesthetic and technological design
  • Pathology guide by video monitoring
  • Different application nozzles
  • Maintenance-free Generator and Handpiece unit
  • Low operating cost
  • Unlimited patient registration capacity
  • CE - FDA quality assurance
  • 2 years of manufacturer's warranty
  • Delivery guarantee at the address, including cargo

Radial shock wave is the most common type of shockwave therapy, used in most clinics. However, Focused shock wave is growing in popularity, due to the increased treatment options, treatment depth, treatment precision and patient comfort in more acute cases.

Focused and Radial shockwaves differ not only in regard to their physical properties and mode of generation, but also in terms of the magnitude of the standard parameters (pressure amplitude, pulse duration, impact) used and the therapeutic tissue penetration depths achieved.

According to usage and treatment needs, the doctor needs to prefer the right device. Orthopaedists, Physiotherapists and Urologists are using both devices but Focused ESWT devices’ effectivity is higher than Radial models, nevertheless Orthopaedists and Physiotherapists are mostly using radial models because of the economical price.

Inceler Medikal produces both Focused & Radial model ESWT devices, and as urologist are preferring focused devices for the treatment of diseases like Erectile Dysnfunction and peyronie’s disease, radial devices are most succesful for applications in orthopedy such as achilles tendon, bone fracture treatment, plantar fasciitis. Device principle choice is completely depending on the doctor preference.

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