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  • SPARK ESWL Lithotripsy System has a compact and simple structure that includes a treatment table and fluoroscopy unit.
  • In the SPARK ESWL system, all operations can be done with a remote control. During lithotripsy, the focus of the device can be controlled from any desired location. Any brand of ultrasonic scope device can be added to our system through the uniquely designed ultrasound localization arm.
  • C-armless version is also available for users who prefer to use the device with a stand-alone or external C-Arm imaging system.


  • İnceler Medikal ESWL Systems has a compact structure with Stone Crushing Unit, Patient Treatment Table and C-arm Scopy System. C-armless model can be produced for those who want to use it with another C-arm Scopy.

C-Arm of the Spark ESWL has 30 degrees capability of oblique imaging on both right and left sides.

The most important factor in the success of ESWL Treatment is the correct focusing process. It is important for the focusing process that the system is compact and easily controllable.


The C-arm of our highly effective electrohydraulic shock wave lithotripsy system provides maximum energy for excellent stone crushing, a wide focus for the best possible hit rate, and low energy density for gentle treatment.

One of the most important features of the Spark ESWL System is high penetration depth.
It makes a great contribution in the treatment of overweight patients.


  • Patient information
  • Medical history
  • Stone details
  • Stone fragmentation parameters
  • Laboratory information
  • X-ray dosage information
  • Statistical information can be transferred to software programs.
  • The software not only archives patient and treatment data, but also stores patient images in DICOM format.
  • Recorded patient images and treatment can also be written on CD/DVD. Moreover, the recorded information can be formatted so that images can be viewed on a regular PC.


In the Spark ESWL System, all operations can be performed with a hand remote control and touch screen located on main unit. The focal point can be controlled from the desired point during the stone breaking process.

  • Portable – lightweight controller: 0.4 KG
  • Ergonomic and original design
  • Comfortable control with Colored TFT Screen and Touch Screen on the main unit provides controlling from remote points.

“Spark ESWL Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy System
makes a difference with its ergonomic and aesthetic structure.”


Technical Data/ Main Unit

Energy Source(Working Principle) Electrohydraulics
Patient Touch Membrane (Dry Touch)
Localization Fluoroscopy and/or Ultrasound
Focal Penetration 130 mm
Unit control Hand Control Unit
Focusing Method Ellipsoid reflector
Electrode Type Long Life ( a couple 40 sessions = 80.000 shocks)
Operating Voltage Variable 0 – 21 KV
Device Sturcture Compact
Main Unit Dimensions 90 cm x 190 cm X 191 cm
Water System Closed loop circuit with water cushion
Pressure regulation and 12 lt. Water capacity
Main Body Weight 285 kg


Patient Table

Movement Height/Horizantal/Vertical 300mm/150mm/150mm
Table Type Motorized
Lifting Capacity 200 kg.
Table Adjustment Limiting Electronic adjustment in 3 dimensions


Fluoroscopy Voltage 40 –110 KV (Automatic Brightness Control)
Fluoroscopy Current 0.2 – 3.5 mA (ABC) two main selection
Image Intensifier 6” (7” –9” – 12” optional)
X-Ray Tube 0.6 – 1.5 mm (1.8 mm optional) focal spot Stationary anode, 40.000 HU
TV Camera High resolution CCD camera
Monitor (17” 19” –21” optional)


Main Power Supply 230 or 115 VAC ± 10%50-60 Hz Single Phase
The System Complies With According to EN 60601-1 Class I, Type B According to 93/42/MDD, Class II
Warranty 24 Months

Spark ESWL® Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy System

İnceler Medikal ESWL Lithotripsy Systems Unit is compact and detachable on demand with its patient treatment table and C-arm scopy system. An Armless (Without C Arm) model is also produced for those who want to use with an independent C-arm Scope.

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